10th Anniversary Award: Best Film, 1998

Rules and Regulations


1. Rushmore [Wes Anderson] (145 points/22 votes)

2. The Thin Red Line [Terrence Malick] (111/17)
3. The Big Lebowski [Joel Coen] (109/18)
4. Out of Sight [Steven Soderbergh] (102/15)
5. Buffalo ’66 [Vincent Gallo] (87/14)

6. Saving Private Ryan [Steven Spielberg] (73/11)
7. The Truman Show [Peter Weir] (49/8)
8. A Simple Plan [Sam Raimi] (44/8)
9. The Celebration [Thomas Vinterberg] (38/7)
10. Dark City [Alex Proyas] (35/6)
11. Babe: Pig in the City [George Miller] (29/5)
12. Run Lola Run [Tom Tykwer] (23/4)
13. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [Terry Gilliam] (19/4)
14. After Life [Hirkoazu Kore-eda] (16/2)
15. Happiness [Todd Solondz] (15/3)
16. Velvet Goldmine [Todd Haynes] (14/3)
17. Rush Hour [Brett Ratner] (12/2)
18. (tie) Autumn Tale [Eric Rohmer] (10/2)
18. (tie) Ronin [John Frankenheimer] (10/2)
20. (tie) Bulworth [Warren Beatty] (9/2)
20. (tie) The Last Days of Disco [Whit Stillman] (9/2)

The following films received one vote apiece:
American History X [Tony Kaye]
Besieged [Bernardo Bertolucci]
Buena Vista Social Club [Wim Wenders]
A Bug’s Life [John Lasseter]
Cabaret Balkan [Goran Paskaljevic]
Celebrity [Woody Allen]
Christmas in August [Hur Jin-ho]
Croupier [Mike Hodges]
The Dreamlife of Angels [Erick Zonca]
The Flowers of Shanghai [Hou Hsiao-hsien]
The General [John Boorman]
Gods and Monsters [Bill Condon]
Great Expectations [Alfonso Cuaron]
High Art [Lisa Cholodenko]
Kirikou and the Sorceress [Michel Ocelot]
Late August, Early September [Olivier Assayas]
Living Out Loud [Richard LaGravanese]
New Rose Hotel [Abel Ferrara]
Pi [Darren Aronofsky]
Pleasantville [Gary Ross]
Show Me Love [Lukas Moodysson]
The Siege [Edward Zwick]
Small Soldiers [Joe Dante]