Chuck Bowen 2010

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Chuck Bowen briefly lived in an apartment above a movie theatre run by his parents and has since been writing as justification for the love and tunnel vision that followed. Chuck can be found at Bowen's Cinematic.


Best Feature-Length Film
1. Another Year
2. Wild Grass
3. Carlos
4. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
5. Client 9 – The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer
6. Winter’s Bone
7. True Grit
8. Vengeance
9. The Thorn in the Heart
10. The Ghost Writer

Best Lead Performance, Male
1. Édgar Ramírez, Carlos
2. Joaquin Phoenix, I’m Still Here
3. Ben Stiller, Greenberg
4. Casey Affleck, The Killer Inside Me
5. James Franco, 127 Hours

Best Lead Performance, Female
1. Leslie Manville, Another Year
2. Annette Bening, Mother and Child
3. Isabelle Huppert, White Material
4. Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone
5. Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit 

Best Supporting Performance, Male
1. John Hawkes, Winter’s Bone
2. Pierce Brosnan, The Ghost Writer
3. Peter Wight, Another Year 
4. Niels Arestrup, A Prophet
5. Richard Jenkins, Let Me In

Best Supporting Performance, Female
1. Dale Dickey, Winter’s Bone
2. Kerry Washington, Mother and Child
3. Jackie Weaver, Animal Kingdom
4. Ruth Sheen, Another Year
5. Chloe Moretz, Let Me In

Best Direction
1. Mike Leigh, Another Year
2. Alain Resnais, Wild Grass
3. Olivier Assayas, Carlos
4. Edgar Wright, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
5. Debra Granik, Winter’s Bone

Best Screenplay 
1. Debra Granik and Anne Rosselini, Winter’s Bone
2. Michael Bacall and Edgar Wright, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
3. The Coen Brothers, True Grit
4. Robert Harris and Roman Polanski, The Ghost Writer
5. Mike Leigh, Another Year

Best Cinematography
1. Robert Richardson, Shutter Island
2. Bill Pope, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
3. Eric Gautier, Wild Grass
4. Roger Deakins, True Grit
5. Dick Pope, Another Year

Best Editing
1. Luc Barnier and Marion Monnier, Carlos
2. Thelma Schoonmaker, Shutter Island
3. Jonathan Amos and Paul Machliss, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
4. Roderick Jaynes, True Grit 
5. David M. Richardson, Vengeance

Best Music
1. Let Me In
2. Shutter Island
3. Black Swan
4. True Grit
5. Another Year

Best Cinematic Moment
1. Forgiving Mary - Another Year
2. The Burnham Wood Shootout - Vengeance
3. The Murder-Gone-Awry Car Wreck - Let Me In
4. The Memory of a Wife Fading Into His Arms - Shutter Island
5. The Very Final Moment - The Ghost Writer
6. The Centipede Crawling Up the Spiral Staircase - The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
7. The Final Dance - Black Swan
8. The Moment in the Shed When the Bad Guy Finally Arrives - Winter’s Bone
9. Boy and Grandfather Having Coffee on the Porch - Alamar
10. The Revelation - Mother

Best Cinematic Breakthrough
1. Chloe Moretz, Let Me In and Kick-Ass 
2. Lena Dunham, Tiny Furniture
3. Matt Reeves, Let Me In 
4. Debra Granik, Winter’s Bone
5. Tom Six, The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

Best Body of Work
1. Annette Bening (The Kids Are All Right and Mother and Child)
2.Chloe Moretz (Let Me In and Kick-Ass)
3.Ciaran Hinds (Life During Wartime and The Eclipse)
4. Alex Gibney (Casino Jack and the United States of Money, Client 9 and Freakonomics)
5.Mark Wahlberg (The Fighter and The Other Guys)

Best Ensemble Performance
1. Another Year
2. Winter’s Bone
3. The Social Network
4. Let Me In
5. The Ghost Writer

Best Web-Based Criticism

10th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 2000
1. Amores Perros
2. Wonder Boys
3. Memento
4. American Psycho
5. Requiem for a Dream

25th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1985
1. Ran
2. After Hours
3. Lost in America
4. Prizzi’s Honor
5. The Purple Rose of Cairo

50th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1960
1. Psycho
2. Breathless
3. Peeping Tom
4. Late Autumn 
5. Shoot the Piano Player

Special Award: Best Film of the 1950s
1. Vertigo
2. The Seven Samurai
3. Fires on the Plains
4. Touch of Evil
5. The Night of the Hunter
6. The Earrings of Madame De…
7. Sansho the Bailiff
8. The Wages of Fear
9. It’s Always Fair Weather
10. Bonjour Tristesse

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