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Name:  Paul B. Clark
Location:  Columbus, OH
Birthday:  31 December, 2001
Bio:  I'm too young to feel this old. Then again, how old is old? I'm older than most of the recent Playboy Playmates (or so I'm told... heh heh *sigh*), so maybe I really am over the hill. That's depressing.
Interests:  I dig cinema. I graduated from college and took a good number of film studies courses, but I still consider myself mostly self-educated in the filmic arts. I'm currently squandering my critical tastes and meager writing skills on pro bono work (see also:, but if you're reading this and are looking for someone to write movie reviews for your newspaper/magazine/web site or just on the wall of a men's room somewhere, drop me a line. Unless you don't want to. It's up to you, I guess.
Blog Created:  Wednesday, 3 September 2003
Last Updated:  Saturday, 3 December 2005 - 10:38 AM EST
Blog Entries:  410

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