2006 Muriel Awards

Best Breakthrough Performance, 2006


Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls

"[Hudson's] character has the most difficult arc in Dreamgirls and she plays it flawlessly. Funny and poignant, brash and tender, sometimes all at once. Oh, and did I mention she can sing her ass off?"- Jason Alley

Best Breakthrough Performance

Category rankings:
1. Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls (20 points/4 votes)
2. Ivana Baquero, Pan's Labyrinth (16/4)
3. Rinko Kikuchi, Babel (12/3)
4. Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine (8/2)
4. Ellen Page, Hard Candy (8/2)
4. Rob Brydon, Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story (8/2)
7. Shareeka Epps, Half Nelson (6/2)
7. Debbie Doebereiner, Bubble (6/2)

The following performances received one vote apiece:
Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
Sacha Baron Cohen, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Emily Blunt, The Devil Wears Prada
Christian Byers, Opal Dream
Abbie Cornish, Somersault
Daniel Craig, Casino Royale
Jodelle Ferland, Tideland
Ion Fiscuteanu, The Death of Mr. Lazarescu
Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth
Sook-Yin Lee, Shortbus
James McAvoy, The Last King of Scotland
Nathalie Mendoza, The Descent
Elizabeth Reaser, Sweet Land
Channing Tatum, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints