2006 Muriel Awards


The Inaugural Muriel Awards, given for outstanding cinematic achievement during the year 2006, were first announced in Februrary. Click on the awards below to see the full voting results by category.

Best Feature Film

Best Direction

Best Lead Performance (Male)

Best Lead Performance (Female)

Best Cinematic Moment

Best Supporting Performance (Female)

Best Supporting Performance (Male)

Best DVD Release

Best Screenplay

Best Cinematography

Best Ensemble

Best First Feature

Best Breakthrough Performance

Listed below are the voters for the 2006 Muriel Awards. Click their names to view their individual ballots.

Jason Alley

Kent M. Beeson

Andrew Bemis

Steven Carlson

Paul Clark

Dennis Cozzalio

Greg Dunlap

James Frazier

Martin McClellan

Lucas McNelly

Mark Pfeiffer

Matt Riviera

Jenny Sekwa

R. Presley Stephens

Winner, Golden Muriel for Best Picture 2006.

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