2006 Muriel Awards

Best Cinematography, 2006


Children of Men, Emmanuel Lubezki

"Emmanuel Lubezki's cinematography may be the best of the new millennium. The long takes allow for a constant increase in pressure that most filmmakers can only dream about achieving, making Children of Men the most extraordinary technical achievement of the year."- James Frazier

Best Cinematography

Category rankings:
1. Children of Men [Emmanuel Lubezki] (42 points/9 votes)
2. Pan's Labyrinth [Guillermo Navarro] (14/3)
3. The Proposition [Benoit Delhomme] (11/3)
4. Miami Vice [Dion Beebe] (9/2)
4. Apocalypto [Dean Semler] (9/2)
6. Babel [Rodrigo Prieto] (6/2)

The following films received one vote apiece:
Bubble [Peter Andrews]
Casino Royale [Phil Meheux]
The Departed [Michael Ballhaus]
Flags of Our Fathers [Tom Stern]
The Good Shepherd [Robert Richardson]
Lady in the Water [Christopher Doyle]
The Last King of Scotland [Anthony Dod Mantle]
Letters From Iwo Jima [Tom Stern]
Marie-Antoinette [Lance Acord]
The Notorious Bettie Page [Mott Hupfel]
Old Joy [Peter Sillen]
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer [Frank Griebe]
The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes [Nic Knowland]
Police Beat [Sean Kirby]
Prestige [Wally Pfister]
Silent Hill [Dan Laustsen]
Stryker [Edward Lachman]
Superman [Newton Thomas Sigel]
Three Times [Mark Lee Ping-bin]
Tideland [Nicola Pecorini]
United 93 [Barry Ackroyd]