2006 Muriel Awards

Best Cinematic Moment, 2006


Children of Men- Long take: battle and ceasefire in Bexhill immigrant camp

"A lot of lip service was given to [Cuaron's] cool long, technically difficult shots, but very little lip was given to how well they were integrated into the narrative. During the scenes I was aware of the shot, but like the opening of Touch of Evil, that awareness never broke my suspension of disbelief."- Martin McClellan

Best Cinematic Moment

Category rankings:
1. Children of Men- Long take: battle and cease-fire in immigrant camp (36 votes/5 votes)
2. Borat- Borat vs. Azamat full-on naked rumble (31/5)
3. United 93- Passengers storm the cockpit (29/4)
4. Pan's Labyrinth- The Pale Man (17/3)
5. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer- Unveiling the perfume from the gallows (16/2)
6. Children of Men- Long take: Ambush on a rural highway (15/2)
7. Superman Returns- Superman stops falling plane over ballfield (12/2)

The following scenes received one vote apiece:
4- Opening sequence
Babel- Deaf-mute girl tries to seduce detective
Battle in Heaven- Camera pans away from sex scene
Be With Me- Teresa Chan meets the old widower
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan- Jewish bed and breakfast
Breaking News- Opening sequence
Casino Royale- Parkour life
Casino Royale- 007 gets tortured
Charlotte's Web- Charlotte breaks the bad news to Wilbur
Children of Men- Escaping the safe house
Clean- Maggie cries
Clerks II- Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings
Dave Chappelle's Block Party- Erykah Badu sheds her wig
Dave Chappelle's Block Party- "Jesus Walks"
Death of Mr. Lazarescu- Lazarescu's final repose
Déjà vu- Chase scene, past and present
The Departed- Costello breaks Costigan's arm with a shoe
The Departed- "Alright?" *blam* Rat.
The Descent- Sarah's revenge on Juno
The Descent- Climbing to the surface over piles of bones
Dreamgirls- "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"
Eight Below- Seal emerges from whale
The Fountain- First cut from conquistador Tom to future Tom
Half Nelson- Gosling confronts Mackie
Half Nelson- Epps sells Gosling drugs
The Hills Have Eyes- Mutant killed with American flag
jackass number two- Bear Trap and resultant musical number
jackass number two- Firehose rodeo
jackass number two- The Valentine
Lady in the Water- Story leaves (final shot)
The Last King of Scotland- Garrigan strung up on hooks by Amin's men
L'Enfant- Bike chase
Mission Impossible 3- "Where Is the Rabbit's Foot?"
The Ordeal- Villagers take to the dance floor
Pan's Labyrinth- Giant frog
The Prestige- Borden tells secret to a dying Angier
The Proposition- Charlie gets speared
The Queen- Elizabeth encounters the stag
The Science of Sleep- Stephane TV
Shortbus- The Star Spangled Banner
Shut Up and Sing- Martie's tearful support of Nathalie near the end
Snakes on a Plane- "I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!"
Stranger Than Fiction- "Let's start with ridiculous and work backward"
Tideland- Jeliza-Rose swims through living room
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story- A womb with a view
United 93- Aftermath of the first crash
Wordplay- "This Must Be the Place"