50th Anniversary Award: Best Film, 1958

Rules and Regulations


1. Vertigo [Alfred Hitchcock] (238 points/32 votes)

2. Touch of Evil [Orson Welles] (205/29)
3. The Hidden Fortress [Akira Kurosawa] (91/16)
4. Mon Oncle [Jacques Tati] (57/10)
5. Elevator to the Gallows [Louis Malle] (40/7)

6. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof [Richard Brooks] (33/6)
7. Man of the West [Anthony Mann] (23/5)
8. Some Came Running [Vincente Minnelli] (21/4)
9. Tarnished Angels [Douglas Sirk] (20/3)
10. Ivan the Terrible, Part II [Sergei Eisenstein] (16/3)
11. (tie) The Blob [Irwin S. Yeaworth, Jr.] (15/3)
11. (tie) Buchanan Rides Alone [Budd Boetticher] (15/3)
11. (tie) The Magician [Ingmar Bergman] (15/3)
14. (tie) Big Deal on Madonna Street [Mario Monicelli] (14/3)
14. (tie) Run Silent, Run Deep [Robert Wise] (14/3)
16. (tie) The Defiant Ones [Stanley Kramer] (13/3)
16. (tie) Gigi [Vincente Minnelli] (13/3)
18. Giants and Toys [Yasuzo Masumura] (11/2)
19. The Line-Up [Don Siegel] (10/2)
20. (tie) Bonjour Tristesse [Otto Preminger] (9/2)
20. (tie) The Horse’s Mouth [Ronald Neame] (9/2)
20. (tie) I Bury the Living [Albert Band] (9/2)
20. (tie) Murder By Contract [Irving Lerner] (9/2)

The following films received one vote apiece:
Ashes and Diamonds [Andrzej Wajda]
Auntie Mame [Morton Da Costa]
Curse of the Demon [Jacques Tourneur]
Enjo [Kon Ichikawa]
Equinox Flower [Yasujiro Ozu]
The Horror of Dracula [Terence Fisher]
The House on Haunted Hill [William Castle]
I Want to Live! [Robert Wise]
King Creole [Michael Curtiz]
The Last Hurrah [John Ford]
The Left-Handed Gun [Arthur Penn]
A Movie [Bruce Conner]
Nazarin [Luis Bunuel]
A Night to Remember [Roy Ward Baker]
Party Girl [Nicholas Ray]
The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad [Nathan Juran]