Best Actor, 2011

Rules and Regulations


1. Michael Shannon, Take Shelter [164 points/23 votes]

2. Gary Oldman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy [147/23]
3. Michael Fassbender, Shame [108/16]
4. Peyman Moadi, A Separation [86/13]
5. Brad Pitt, Moneyball [82/14]

6. Brendan Gleeson, The Guard [78/14]
7. Ryan Gosling, Drive [55/9]
8. George Clooney, The Descendants [51/9]
9. Woody Harrelson, Rampart [45/8]
10. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 50/50 [32/6]
11. Hunter McCracken, The Tree of Life [32/5]
12. Jacob Wysocki, Terri [28/6]
13. Jean Dujardin, The Artist [27/5]
14. Tom Hardy, Warrior [23/4] {includes points in supporting}
15. Antonio Banderas, The Skin I Live In [21/5]
16. Owen Wilson, Midnight in Paris [19/4]
17. Tom Cullen, Weekend [18/3]
18. William Shimell, Certified Copy [17/3]
19. Mimi Branescu, Tuesday, After Christmas [16/3]
20. Leonardo DiCaprio, J. Edgar [16/2]
(Brad Pitt, The Tree of Life [15/2] {points moved to supporting})
21. Steve Coogan, The Trip [14/3]
Paul Giamatti, Win Win [14/3]
23. Patrick Wang, In the Family [14/2]
(John Hawkes, Martha Marcy May Marlene [13/2] {points moved to supporting})
24. Michael Fassbender, A Dangerous Method [12/2]
(Choi Min-sik, I Saw the Devil [12/2] {points moved to supporting}
25. Ewan McGregor, Beginners [9/2]

The following performances received one vote apiece:

Demian Bichir, A Better Life
John Boyega, Attack the Block
Johnny Depp, Rango
Youssouf Djoaro, A Screaming Man
Michael Fassbender, Jane Eyre
(Michael Fassbender, X-Men: First Class {points moved to supporting})
Mel Gibson, The Beaver
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Hesher
Rutger Hauer, Hobo With a Shotgun
Tony Jaa, Ong-Bak 3
(Ben Kingsley, Hugo {points moved to supporting})
(Chris New, Weekend {points moved to supporting})
Riley O’Bryan, Impolex
David Hyde Pierce, The Perfect Host
Paul Rudd, Our Idiot Brother
(Andy Serkis, Rise of the Planet of the Apes {points moved to supporting})
Martin Sheen, The Way
Sam Shepherd, Blackthorn