Best Body of Work, 2010

Rules and Regulations


1. Leonardo DiCaprio (actor - Shutter Island, Inception) [72 points / 12 votes]

2. Mark Ruffalo (actor - The Kids Are All Right, Shutter Island) [67/12]
3. Manoel de Oliveira (director - Eccentricities of a Blond Hair Girl, The Strange Case of Angelica) [67/9]
4. Andrew Garfield (actor - The Social Network, Never Let Me Go, Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord) [55/8]
5. James Franco (actor - 127 Hours, Howl) [54/8]

6. Harris Savides (cinematographer - Greenberg, Somewhere) [52/9]
7. Chloe Grace Moretz (actor - Kick-Ass, Let Me In) [51/8]
8. Julianne Moore (actor - The Kids Are All Right, Chloe) [49/8]
9. Michelle Williams (actor - Blue Valentine, Shutter Island) [44/8]
10. Ewan McGregor (actor - The Ghost Writer, I Love You Phillip Morris) [38/7]
11 (tie). Matt Damon (actor - True Grit, Hereafter, Green Zone; narrator - Inside Job) [27/5]
Mark Wahlberg (actor - The Fighter, The Other Guys, Date Night) [27/5]
13 (tie). Jesse Eisenberg (actor - The Social Network, Solitary Man, Holy Rollers) [24/4]
Rebecca Hall (actor - Please Give, Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974, The Town) [24/4]
15. Annette Bening (actor - The Kids Are All Right, Mother and Child) [21/3]
16. Jody Lee Lipes (director/cinematographer - NY Export: Opus Jazz, cinematographer - Tiny Furniture) [17/3]
17. Michael Cera (actor - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Youth in Revolt) [14/2]
18 (tie). Ciaran Hinds (actor - Life During Wartime, The Eclipse) [12/2]
Alexandre Desplat (composer - The King’s Speech, The Ghost Writer, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, Tamara Drewe) [12/2]
Michael Fassbender (actor - Fish Tank, Jonah Hex) [12/2]
21 (tie). Jeff Bridges (actor - True Grit, Tron: Legacy) [11/2]
Yves Cape (cinematographer - White Material, Hadewijch) [11/2]
23 (tie). Alex Gibney (director - Client 9, Casino Jack and the United States of Money, Freakonomics) [10/2]
Aaron Johnson (actor - Nowhere Boy, Kick-Ass) [10/2]
25 (tie). Roger Deakins (cinematographer - True Grit, The Company Men; visual consultant - How to Train Your Dragon) [8/2]
Guy Pearce (actor - Animal Kingdom, The King’s Speech) [8/2]

The following people received one vote apiece:

Casey Affleck
Josh Brolin
Carter Burwell
Vincent Cassel
Patricia Clarkson
Sean Combs
Michael Douglas
Adam Green
Armie Hammer
Jonah Hill
Michael Keaton
Mila Kunis
Yorick le Saux
Eddie Marsan
Carey Mulligan
Michael Nyqvist
Pete Postlethwaite
Noomi Rapace
Adam Scott
Tony Scott
Ricardo Trepa
Eli Wallach
Kerry Washington
Naomi Watts