Best Cinematic Breakthrough, 2008

List of Winners
Muriels HOF
Rules and Regulations

Martin McDonagh

1. Martin McDonagh [director/screenwriter- In Bruges] (68 points/11 votes)

2. James Franco [actor- Pineapple Express, Milk] (67/11)
3. Mickey Rourke [actor- The Wrestler] (49/8)
4. Sally Hawkins [actor- Happy-Go-Lucky] (47/7)
5. Anne Hathaway [actor- Rachel Getting Married] (41/7)

6.(tie) Charlie Kaufman [director/screenwriter- Synecdoche, New York] (34/5)
6. (tie) Michael Shannon [actor- Shotgun Stories] (34/5)
8. Rebecca Hall [actor- Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Frost/Nixon] (32/5)
9. Rosemarie DeWitt [actor- Rachel Getting Married] (26/5)
10. Danny McBride [actor- The Foot Fist Way] (26/4)
11. Jenny Lumet [screenwriter- Rachel Getting Married] (22/4)
12. (tie) Robert Downey, Jr. [actor- Iron Man] (20/3)
12. (tie) Heath Ledger [actor- The Dark Knight] (20/3)
14. Darren Aronofsky [director- The Wrestler] (19/3)
15. (tie) Jeff Nichols [director - Shotgun Stories] (18/3)
15. (tie) Michelle Williams [actor- Wendy and Lucy] (18/3)
17. (tie) Bryan Bertino [director- The Strangers] (17/3)
17. (tie) Jason Segel [actor/screenwriter- Forgetting Sarah Marshall] (17/3)
19. (tie) Colin Farrell [actor- In Bruges] (14/2)
19. (tie) Jose Luis Guerin [director- In the City of Sylvia] (14/2)
19. (tie) Lance Hammer [director- Ballast] (14/2)
19. (tie) James Marsh [director- Man on Wire] (14/2)
19. (tie) Matthew Reeves [director- Cloverfield] (14/2)
24. Joachim Trier [director- Reprise] (13/3)
25. Tarsem [director- The Fall] (13/2)
26. Kċre Hedebrant [actor- Let the Right One In] (12.5/2)
27. (tie) Richard Jenkins [actor- Burn After Reading] (12/2)
27. (tie) Dev Patel [actor- Slumdog Millionaire] (12/2)
27. (tie) Carlos Reygadas C. [director- Silent Light] (12/2)
30. Lina Leandersson [actor- Let the Right One In] (11.5/2)
31. (tie) Russell Brand [actor- Forgetting Sarah Marshall] (11/2)
31. (tie) Olivia Thirlby [actor- Snow Angels/The Wackness] (11/2)

The following people received one vote apiece:

Hayley Atwell [Cassandra’s Dream, The Duchess]

Elizabeth Banks [Zack and Miri, W., Role Models]

Jay Baruchel [Tropic Thunder]

François Begaudeau [The Class]

Ronald Bronstein [Frownland]

Tom Cruise [Tropic Thunder]

Penelope Cruz [Vicky Cristina Barcelona]

Audrey Dana [Roman de Gare]

Viola Davis [Doubt]

Jonathan Demme [Rachel Getting Married]

The Duplass Brothers [Baghead]

Ines Efron [XXY]

Gad Elmeleh [Priceless]

Paz Encina [Paraguayan Hammock]

Jon Favreau [Iron Man]

John Gaeta [Speed Racer]

Andrew Garfield [Boy A]

John Gianvito [Profit motive and the whispering wind]

Mike Gilbert [Mike Gilbert on Cinema]

Hafsia Herzi [The Secret of the Grain]

Jody Hill [The Foot Fist Way]

Emile Hirsch [Milk]

Azazel Jacobs [Momma’s Man]

Lloyd Kaufman [Poultrygeist:  Night of the Chicken Dead]

Zoe Kazan [Revolutionary Road]

David Kross [The Reader]

Kurt Kuenne [Dear Zachary]

Mila Kunis [Forgetting Sarah Marshall]

Melissa Leo [Frozen River]

Paulie Litt [Speed Racer, Doubt]

Dore Mann [Frownland]

Josh Peck [The Wackness]

Alejandro Polanco [Chop Shop]

Eddie Redmayne [Savage Grace]

Joshua Safdie [The Pleasure of Being Robbed]

Nick Schenk [Gran Torino]

Columbus Short [Cadillac Records]

Carter Smith [The Ruins]

Chris Smith [The Pool]

Brandon Walters [Australia]

Shea Whigham [Splinter]

Debra Winger [Rachel Getting Married]

Anton Yelchin [Charlie Bartlett]