Best Cinematography, 2010

Rules and Regulations


1. True Grit (director of photography Roger Deakins) [103 points / 15 votes]

2. Shutter Island (Robert Richardson) [95/15]
3. The Social Network (Jeff Cronenweth) [75/13]
4. Inception (Wally Pfister) [65/10]
5. Black Swan (Matthew Libatique) [64/11]

6. Let Me In (Greig Frasier) [54/9]
7. The American (Martin Ruhe) [52/8]
8. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Bill Pope) [44/8]
9. Valhalla Rising (Morten Søborg) [39/6]
10. I Am Love (Yorick Le Saux) [35/6]
11. Dogtooth (Thimois Bakatakis) [29/5]
12. The Ghost Writer (Pawel Edelman) [28/5]
13. Carlos (Denis Lenoir and Yorick Le Saux) [27/4]
14. Enter the Void (Benoit Debie) [23/3]
15. Somewhere (Harris Savides) [21/4]
16 (tie). 127 Hours (Anthony Dod Mantle and Enrique Chediak) [20/4]
Wild Grass (Eric Gautier) [20/4]
18. October Country (Michael Palmieri) [19/3]
19. Mother (Hong Kyung-Pyo) [16/3]
20. White Material (Yves Cape) [14/2]
21 (tie). The Exploding Girl (Eric Lin) [13/2]
Vincere (Daniele Cipri) [13/2]
23. Ondine (Christopher Doyle) [12/2]
24. Alamar (Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio) [11/2]
25. Tiny Furniture (Jody Lee Lipes) [10/2]
26 (tie) Greenberg (Harris Savides) [9/2]
Winter’s Bone (Michael McDonough) [9/2]
28. Another Year (Dick Pope) [8/2]

The following films received one vote apiece:

45365 (Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross)
Amer (Manu Dacosse)
Anton Chekhov’s The Duel (Paul Sarossy)
Audrey the Trainwreck (David Lowery)
Blue Valentine (Andrij Parekh)
Bluebeard (Vilko Filac)
Buried (Eduard Grau)
The Crazies (Maxime Alexandre)
Fish Tank (Robbie Ryan)
Get Low (David Boyd)
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Eric Kress)
Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench (none credited)
Hereafter (Tom Stern)
How to Train Your Dragon
The Killer Inside Me (Marcel Zyskind)
The King’s Speech (Danny Cohen)
Micmacs (Tetsuo Nagata)
Ne Change Rien (Pedro Costa)
Never Let Me Go (Adam Kimmel)
North Face (Kolja Brandt)
Our Beloved Month of August (Rui Pocas)
The Strange Case of Angelica (Sabine Lancelin)
Trash Humpers (Harmony Korine)
Unstoppable (Ben Seresin)
Vengeance (Chen Siu-keung and Hung Mo To)
The Yellow Handkerchief (Chris Menges)