Best Web-Based Criticism, 2009

Rules and Regulations

1.  Some Came Running [80 points / 12 votes]


2.  The Onion A.V. Club [78/11] {includes the N.Y. A.V. Club}

3.  Roger Ebert [63/11] {includes Roger Ebert’s Journal}

4.  The Auteurs [57/9] {includes The Auteurs’ Notebook}

5.  The Man Who Viewed Too Much [45/7] {includes Listen Eggroll}

6.  The Academic Hack [40/6]

7.  Slant Magazine [28/5]

8.  Sunset Gun [25/5]

9.  Spout Blog [20/4]

10.  Final Girl [18/3]

11.  Rightwing Film Geek [17/3]

12.  Cinematical [15/3]

13.  Todd Alcott:  What Does the Protagonist Want? [14/2]

14.  The Self-Styled Siren [13/2]

15 (tie).  David Bordwell:  Observations on Film Art [12/2]

Jonathan Rosenbaum [12/2]

17.  The Projectionist [11/2]

18.  girish [10/2]

The following sites received one vote apiece:


Ain’t It Cool News

Art Forum Online

Beyond the Multiplex

Cinematic Happenings Under Development

Confessions of a Film Critic

The Cooler

Coosa Creek Cinema

The Criterion Contraption

Current Movies Blog

Dave Kehr

Documentary Blog

Dread Central

DVD Beaver

Ed Howard

Edward Copeland on Film

Eric Henderson’s Twitter feed

Ferdy on Films

Film Babble Blog

Film Freak Central

Film Salon


Front Row

Gone Cinema Poaching

GreenCine Daily

Hammer to Nail


IFC Indie Eye

In Review Online


Interface 2037

The L Magazine

The Little Round-Headed Boy

M.A. Peel

Mark Reviews Movies

Motion Captured


Moving Image Source

MSN Movies (James Rocchi)

Not Coming to a Theatre Near You

The Parallax View

Reverse Shot

Rotten Tomatoes


The Screengrab (in memoriam)

Stephanie Zacharek

Steve Erickson

Ted Hope’s Truly Free Film

Then Fuck You, Jack:  The Life and Art of Vern

Theo Panayides

Tom Sutpen


Wonders in the Dark